About Wolfrun Rally


Wolfrun Rally marks the dawn of a new era for Team Wolfpack, using our many years of experience we have decided to introduce our own rally built by us and just for us. There will be no way to register for a Wolfrun, this will be an invite only rally for friends and family.

Unlike other rallies our focus is not the glitz, glamour or crowds, our focus is roads, beautiful scenery combined with white knuckle driving roads that will put every experienced driver to the test.

Where other rallies focus on what largely populated cities they can arrive and depart from so they can leverage large crowds and media coverage, our preference is to take the roads less traveled and find the hidden gems in all the cities that don't make your usual travel list.

The evening's focus will center around luxurious accommodations at all 5 star hotels located on some of the most picturesque settings throughout Europe. Each of these venues will be hosting bespoke dinners for the rally participants' family style. The rally will finish in the great city of Munich where the entire Wolfpack team will suit up in full Oktoberfest traditional outfits and show this little festival what our team is all about.

While media and crowds are not the focus of The Wolfrun Rally, we are always happy to see our fans along the way and will bring plenty of gear to give out as always. Keep your eyes peeled, Wolfrun details will be announced soon.